Amazing writing 📝

Children in Reception have been working to the best of their ability this term. They have been very busy writing about their weekend activities.

Alfie – I went to the tipBeth – I went to the Co-op

Dannika – I went to Mammas house

Chloe – I went to see the seals.

Chloe was awarded a Head teachers award for her wonderful writing, we are very proud of you Chloe 👍 well done.

Family History

Foundation Stage have been talking about members of their family. Children have been creating faces of family members using a range of natural materials. See if you can see yourself?

Thank you to all of the parents who sent in or uploaded family photographs on Tapestry. The children have been very excited to share these pictures with their friends and teachers in school. It was very helpful when creating our family trees. Watch this space for more ‘Family History’ updates!

Bonfire Night🔥🎆🎇

The children have been learning about Family History this week, as part of History Fortnight. In Assembly, the children have learnt about the history of Bonfire Night and why some people choose to celebrate it. Therefore…we decided to have a Bonfire Night themed afternoon in Foundation Stage today!

The children have been busy making chocolate apples with Mrs McDowall, reading a Bonfire Night story ‘Sparks in the Sky’ with Miss Mountain and getting crafty with Miss Young! We made sparklers using lots of different materials.

History Fortnight 

During the last week of term, the children have been given clues regarding what we will be learning about during History Fortnight. The clues have been displayed on the large display board in the hall. During big group, we have been discussing what the clues are and what we could be learning about next term. Some of the children in Reception think we are learning about family or special people.

 “We could be learning about who used to be in our family because that’s already happened and that means History”.
Foundation Stage will be focusing on Family History. If you can find any family pictures, please send them in with your child after half term to support our History Fortnight focus. Watch this space after half term…😀

Tractor visit 🚜

Foundation Stage have had a very busy last week of term. On Wednesday, we explored Grimoldby during our Welly Walk and used our senses to spot signs of Autumn. We had a wonderful time 🍂🍁 On the last day of term, the children in Foundation Stage were very excited to meet a local farmer and explore his tractor yesterday! They had lots of questions to ask about the tractor and farming, but the children were most excited about sitting in the tractor first!

Some of the questions the children asked were “Why are you a farmer?” “What vegetables do you grow?” “Do you have a combine harvester?” “What do you use the tractor for?” “Why does the tractor need big wheels?”

We thoroughly enjoyed talking about Farming with Mr Wrisdale. The children are very grateful for the home grown pumpkins he brought us as a gift! Not just one pumpkin…not two pumpkins but 50 pumpkins!🎃🎃 Thank you to Mr Wrisdale for both his time and for bringing us lots of pumpkins!

Reception Welly Walk 18.10.17

What a great Welly Walk looking out for signs of Autumn 🍂🍁🐿

Look what we have found….

Stop and listen…. What can you hear? Who many sheep can you count? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Look at our collection of leaves, sticks, pine cones, conkers and … you spotted them Grimoldby Rocks!

We were all very excited to find some ‘Grimoldby Rocks’ and we are looking forward to making our own next term!

Thank you to all of the adults who came along to help on our Welly Walk, we really appreciate your support.

Foundation Stage staff and children.