Little Red Hen

We have been enjoying The Little Red Hen Story in Foundation Stage. We have looked at some alternative Little Red Hen stories too and the children really like ‘Little Red Hen makes a Pizza’. 

Some of our children have enjoyed making their own animal masks, we have made cats, mice, hens and pigs.

We are hoping to make our own pizzas over the next couple of weeks so watch this space for our pizza making photographs!

Harvest Time

Last week we were learning about harvest time, Tractor Ted explained all about harvest and how the farmers gather their crops before baling the straw and cultivating the fields.

We had some farming experts to share their own stories and experiences of harvest at home on the farm. 

Starting School

Louis was very excited to meet the children. He made lots of new friends on his first day at school.

Mrs McDowall and Miss Young have been very impressed with how quickly children have setttled into our routines. We are looking forward to a very exciting term and year ahead in Foundation Stage!