👁 Eye Spy Colours

Children in Nursery enjoyed a visit to the school library. We found lots of books all about colours. Then we shared our own class book ‘Eye Spy Colours’.

Children in Nursery have enjoyed playing ‘I spy with my little eye’. We have found lots of colours around the library, our classroom and we even went to spot colours in Year 1 classroom on Friday, shhh, don’t tell Miss Field and Year 1!

Slumber Party 🌙 ⭐️ 😴

We’ve had a fantastic first day of term! Reception enjoyed cuddling their favourite teddies on blankets and cushions when listening to bedtime stories in the dark! The children looked amazing in their pyjamas and were very excited to share their bedtime routine with us. Here are some pictures to show you our memorable experience to introduce our new topic ‘Colours of Day and Night’.