Amazing writing 📝

Children in Reception have been working to the best of their ability this term. They have been very busy writing about their weekend activities.

Alfie – I went to the tipBeth – I went to the Co-op

Dannika – I went to Mammas house

Chloe – I went to see the seals.

Chloe was awarded a Head teachers award for her wonderful writing, we are very proud of you Chloe 👍 well done.

Family History

Foundation Stage have been talking about members of their family. Children have been creating faces of family members using a range of natural materials. See if you can see yourself?

Thank you to all of the parents who sent in or uploaded family photographs on Tapestry. The children have been very excited to share these pictures with their friends and teachers in school. It was very helpful when creating our family trees. Watch this space for more ‘Family History’ updates!

Reception Welly Walk 18.10.17

What a great Welly Walk looking out for signs of Autumn 🍂🍁🐿

Look what we have found….

Stop and listen…. What can you hear? Who many sheep can you count? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Look at our collection of leaves, sticks, pine cones, conkers and … you spotted them Grimoldby Rocks!

We were all very excited to find some ‘Grimoldby Rocks’ and we are looking forward to making our own next term!

Thank you to all of the adults who came along to help on our Welly Walk, we really appreciate your support.

Foundation Stage staff and children.

Pizza making 🍕 

We have been very busy making pizzas in Foundation Stage this week.

First we needed to wash our hands and put on our aprons, then it was time to begin!

We followed the recipe, adding flour, a pinch of salt and some butter.

We needed to use the rubbing in method to make breadcrumbs before adding the milk.

‘It’s getting sticky now’

We shared the dough equally, Jack counted to check we had enough dough for each of our friends. Then it was time to knead the dough and roll out our pizza base!

Time to add your toppings now children.

Then we needed to be patient and wait for them to cook… mmmmmmmm something smells yummy 😋 


Little Red Hen

We have been enjoying The Little Red Hen Story in Foundation Stage. We have looked at some alternative Little Red Hen stories too and the children really like ‘Little Red Hen makes a Pizza’. 

Some of our children have enjoyed making their own animal masks, we have made cats, mice, hens and pigs.

We are hoping to make our own pizzas over the next couple of weeks so watch this space for our pizza making photographs!